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Painted Oak Furniture & Painted Ash Furniture

We offer a vast range of painted furniture for sale in UK at oak & ash furniture to suit any room style.

All our painted pine furniture, painted oak furniture and painted ash furniture is made from the highest quality wood and offer great  value for your money

Pine furniture is sturdy and has a classy look that makes it an obvious choice for many decorating schemes. However, sometimes pine just does not match the tone you are looking for in a room. That is when painted pine furniture makes an excellent choice. You will find that there is probably a style of painted pine that can work with nearly any plan you have for your room.

Pine furniture is especially popular in the bedroom. A nice selection of painted furniture gives a light, airy feel that is so popular in the bedroom. You will sleep at ease when your room has that classy look of painted pine. A painted pine headboard is perfectly complemented by a matching chest of drawers, wardrobe and dresser. You can create the suite of your dreams by matching pieces from one line.

Reclaimed oak furniture is basically oak furniture made out of different pieces of previously used oak. Reclaimed oak furniture are one to consider when scouting for new furniture because it is environmentally-friendly. And aside from this, reclaimed oak furniture has distinct styles because it came from other pieces and when joined together, it forms another new looking piece.

One of the most popular colors is white or whitewash. White painted oak furniture can make any space look elegant and clean. It goes really well together with easy and breezy textiles such as soft floral designs or pastel patterns. On the other hand, black painted oak furniture can also give a cosmopolitan and stylized look to a household. It will definitely match a home that has darker tones. Solid oak furniture will also look good in soft pastel colors, and even be painted using a mix of complimentary colors.

Painted oak furniture is simply a way to update your old oak furniture. Also, the problem with reclaimed oak furniture is that it may not reflect that much of a household or area’s theme. With this, painting oak furniture is an instant and easy way to give a personal touch to any furniture. It can also be a way to design furniture depending on its purpose. Have you decide to move any bedroom furniture to your child’s room, painting it can match it to your child’s space. On the other hand, painting furniture can also update an area’s look. Instead of buying new furniture, painting it can give any space a new and different look without having to spend another set of furniture or décor.