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1ameile  1aston  1atlas

Amelie Childrens Solid Oak                     Aston Solid Oak                            Atlas Chunky Solid Oak


1hampton  1mayan  1mobel 

Hampton Painted Ash                              Mayan Solid Walnut                                Mobel Solid Oak


1shiro  1urban  1cadence

      Shiro Solid Walnut                                    Urban Chic                                 Cadence Painted Mahogany


Shrewsbury Rustic oak

Shrewsbury Rustic Oak


Lucerne Chunky Oak

Jual Walnut Range

Jual Walnut Range

santana_rustic oak

Reclaimed Santana & Brooklyn Rustic Oak


Sandringham Oak & Painted Cream


Jual Oak Range


Mottisfont painted grey

Mottisfont Painted Pine & Oak by TFW


Mottisfont Painted Pine & Oak by TFW


Tampa Chunky Oak By Mark Harris

aquarius oak

 Aquarius Oak Bathroom Cabinet By TFW

Aspen Natural Reclaimed upcycled

Aspen Natural Reclaimed Upcycled by Rowico

Aspen Distressed Reclaimed Upcycled

Aspen Distressed Reclaimed by Rowico


Roma Solid Oak & Glass By Mark Harris


Roma Walnut & Glass Furniture by Mark Harris


Jakarta Reclaimed Teak


Vintage Industrial Furniture

Whitehaven Painted by Ametis


Blonde Santana Rustic Oak by Ametis 


Recycled Boat & Cast Iron Furniture

OLN04-4.JPGBeverley Solid Oak 




 Sherwood Oak From Ametis



Solid Oak and Ash

Oak & Ash Furniture

Finding compelling and intrepid oak and ash furniture pieces can be a daunting task if you’re not sure where to look. The following furnishings will take you to a different place, time, and will transform any room in your home with relative ease. The main difference between the pieces you will find around here and those that are found in many discount, and bargain basement places is simple, they are made of solid oak and ash, as well as other pieces.

Every effort has been placed to find solid components to build the best possible furniture. You will not find another solution that will have the same kind of meticulous craftsmanship and sourcing. When you purchase items that are made of solid wood, you will not only feel confident about what you’re spending your money on, but you will have a piece that is worthy of showing off in your home.

Regardless of whether you choose acacia furniture, oak furniture, ash furniture, brushed pieces, reclaimed furniture, upcycled furniture, or painted furniture, you will have something that is well worth having in your home for a lifetime. From the Blonde Santa Rustic Oak to the Reclaimed Rustic Oak pieces that are highlighted in bedrooms and dining rooms, there has been extreme care to ensure every piece has been meticulously put together for the consumer.

Modern furniture can take on a whole new life when it’s done correctly. When artisans take solid oak and ash components and put them together with industrial, elegance, and functionality at the forefront, compelling design flow can begin on the interior of a house. You may not need something extreme, which is why there are simple solutions found here as well as complex.

The selection doesn’t just factor in hard surfaces, and solid wood framing, as you can easily pick up something a bit left of center. You’ll find that glass pieces and metal framing also seems to fit the design flow of many of hard to please consumers. This is evidenced in the Montana oak & metal by Mark Harris, Roma walnut & glass, reclaimed solutions by Shankar, and even chic pieces from Baumhaus. No matter what your design choices are, and no matter what your existing home looks like, these pieces can all become staples of the energy flow inside your domicile.

Perhaps the most spectacular thing to consider about all the furniture that you will find, is that there are also pieces for children’s rooms. Whether you want to give your child a modern twist on classic design, or you want something solid, the Children’s Nutkins solid ash by Baumhaus will definitely suffice. Exploring furniture has never been so eclectic, fun and compelling, that’s for sure. 


Including several large UK suppliers including TFW Furniture, Mark Harris , Baumhaus and Ametis


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